Cineplex to offer Xbox on the big screen

Emily Price - Aug 18, 2008
Cineplex to offer Xbox on the big screen

Xbox gamers can now book two-hour session at Cineplex theaters during times where the theaters are not in use for movies and play their games on the big screen. Each two hour session will run $179 and up to 12 people will be allowed in each session.

Players are allowed to bring their own games with them, or play from the library of games supplied by Cineplex. Cineplex’s VP of communications said “ It takes it to a whole new level when you see the game on a screen that’s more than 50 feet wide.”

Theaters will typically have somewhere between 12 and 24 hours of time available each week, typically in the morning hours. Some theaters may stay open later in the evening as well to accommodate groups.

[via CBC]

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