Chumby Hacks - now with larger LCD goodness

For those of you that don't know about the Chumby, or forget what it does, it was basically a personal assistant that was portable. You could get the weather on it, RSS feeds, all sorts of other good stuff as well.

One few problems of the device was that it had a fairly small screen and a 320x240 resolution. Well, someone going by the name [bunnie] has apparently done a lot of hacks for the Chumby, the latest of which is equipping it with a bigger, higher res, better touchscreen.

Then he even mounted it to a laser-etched metal bezel so it looks like one of those digital picture frames, but does so much more. It seems like a pretty cool hack, especially considering he makes the same 320x240 image looks just as good on a 640x480 resolution.

[via Hack-A-Day]