Chronos brings smartwatch smarts to traditional timepieces

The smartwatch market continues to expand with numerous options, with everything from wearables that run apps and track almost everything, like the Apple Watch or Samsung's Gear S2, to models that focus only on a specific fitness activity. But for those who are still attached to, or simply prefer the looks of a classic analog watch, there's another option. Chronos is a small disc that attaches to the back of a timepiece, adding smartwatch features like notifications and tracking.

The small disk measures just 3mm thick, and attaches to the bottom side of watch, sitting between it and a users wrist. It offers multi-color lights and vibration options for notifications, which can include incoming calls and messages. The accompanying iOS and Android app even lets users customize which apps and which contacts they want to be notified from.

Chronos also offers limited tap-based controls for smartphone interactions, such as declining an incoming call, or skipping to the next track when music is playing. The only potential downside is that because it attaches to the back of a watch, it can add a bit of thickness, making the timepiece sit higher off the wrist.

The Chronos will begin shipping next spring with a retail price of $129, however pre-orders are being accepted on their website for a discounted price of $99.

SOURCE Chronos