Chrono Trigger is now on Steam, but fans aren't happy

The Super Nintendo gave us a lot of truly amazing games. Super Mario World, Final Fantasy VI, and Super Metroid all immediately come to mind, but there are quite a few players who rank Chrono Trigger above all of them. I happen to be one of those players, so imagine my surprise and elation to see that Chrono Trigger is now available on Steam.

This is a fairly big moment, as it marks the first time that Square's classic RPG has launched on PC. Over the years, it's been ported to a variety of platforms, including the original PlayStation and the Nintendo DS, but a PC release never materialized. That all changes today, with Square Enix's surprise announcement that Chrono Trigger is now available on Steam for $14.99 – mirroring the prices of the company's other classic RPG ports.

According to a Q&A thread over on Chrono Trigger's store page, this port arrives with full support for controllers as well as keyboard and mouse. Anyone who purchases the game before April 2, 2018 will get a special limited edition, which includes the game, a "specially edited" Chrono Trigger medley featuring five songs, and a collection of six wallpapers for desktop. This Steam release also includes all of the cutscenes and bonuses that were in the DS release, which many fans consider to be the definitive version of the game.

Unfortunately, it looks like fans aren't happy with this port. In its short time on Steam, Chrono Trigger has attracted a bunch of negative reviews from users, and currently holds down a "mostly negative," rating. According to many of those user reviews, this is a port of the mobile version of Chrono Trigger, which is definitely one of the weaker ports.

In fact, to hear those users explain it, it appears that Square Enix even kept the mobile UI in the jump to PC, which is frustrating realization for anyone who was looking forward to playing through this classic. Hopefully the negative user reviews prompt Square Enix to consider putting a little more work into the PC port, but until that day comes (if it ever does, for that matter), buy this port at your own risk.