Chromebooks will finally get a built-in screen recorder next month

Chromebooks are inexpensive, flexible laptops that enable users — particularly students — to quickly get to work using their favorite web apps. Given that Google heavily pushes Chromebooks as a tool for students, it's no surprise that it revealed plans to add a built-in screen recorder — and now we know when it'll finally be available.

Many students are still attending classes at home, a primarily digital experience that involves online lesson plans and video chats. Recorded lessons are a key element for digital learning, which is why Google is adding a built-in screen recorder to its Chrome OS platform, the company said in a new blog post.

As you'd expect, the built-in screen recorder will allow anyone to click a button to record their screen. A small countdown timer will appear, after which point the recording will stop. Users can then perform whatever it is they want to record, then click the 'stop' button to save the recording.

In addition, Google is adding new features to the ChromeVox accessibility tool, enabling the screen reader with smooth voice switching, support for searching ChromeVox menus, and better tutorials. Beyond that, Google notes that its Meet video conferencing software is also getting big improvements across reliability, voice, and video for Chromebook users.

Finally, Google is giving parents more control over their child's home learning by enabling them to use Family Link for adding a Google Workspace for Education account to the child's regular Google account. The child will still be able to log into their educational tools while parents will be able to control which apps are used.

The next Chrome OS update will arrive in March.