Chromebook owners can now download DOOM and DOOM II for free

Google has long offered perks for Chromebook owners, the big one being a certain amount of free cloud storage for the data they probably can't save on the Chrome OS laptop itself. The company recently added a couple of new perks for Chromebook owners — the ability to download the original DOOM and DOOM II games for free. Here's how to claim them.

Google offers a rotating selection of perks for Chromebook owners — if you have one of these small Chrome OS laptops and didn't know that, now is the time to check out Google's related web page that showcases each offering.

The two latest additions, as recently spied by Android Police, are the original DOOM and DOOM II games, which were launched on mobile in recent months. These two games would ordinarily cost $4.99 each in the Google Play Store, but Chromebook owners can now claim them for free for a limited time.

It's unclear how long Google will make this offer available, so don't delay on claiming it. If you attempt to claim the perks from a device other than a Chromebook, you'll instead be prompted to browse Chromebooks that are available to purchase. These two games join a number of other apps, including games and productivity tools, that are currently free for Chromebook owners.

At this point in time, Google is offering Chromebook device owners free access to Duet Display, the note-taking app Squid, photography app membership to VSCO, meditation app Calm Premium, as well as games like Fishdom, Lineage 2, Stardew Valley, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, and Fallout Shelter