Chrome, meet Lynx

Those cards over at Google released the newest, best, most useful extension for Chrome ever. ChromeLite, speeding Chrome up past the point of no return. Google posted the extension to their app market earlier today. It hearkens back to the command lines of old, ASCII terminal emulation, and the internet before embedded images.

Are you annoyed with images? Dismayed by color? Do you crave the purity of text, and only text? Then this is the extension for you. Stripped of all of the flash and glam of the web today, you can browse at speeds not seen since 1983! ChromeLite replicates the action of the venerable browser known as lynx. Used by command line jockeys almost everywhere, lynx (not to be confused with links) cuts out most of what makes the web sluggish today.

Are you a chromium user? Mosey on over to the extension's page and take a look at it for yourself. It's the only way I'm ever going to browse the web again.

[via Google]