Chrome Is Bringing Stronger Password Protection To Android, iOS

Even with the advent of two-factor authentication or 2FA, biometrics like fingerprint scanners, and password generators, users still stick to the easier but also less simple passwords they've developed habits with. Like any habit, good or bad, it's harder to break one than it is to change or modify one. So instead of forcing users to change their password use completely, Google is bringing new password management and security enhancements to Chrome on Android and iOS that desktop users of the browser have been enjoying for quite some time now.

Instead of allowing a password manager, including Chrome's built-in one, to create a random and strong password, people have the habit of reusing the same memorable password for different accounts. This, of course, runs the risk of compromising other accounts that use the same password when that password has been stolen, especially when those other accounts use the same username or email.

Chrome already has a feature that warns users if the password they have securely saved and synced to their Google account has been exposed in some hack, urging users to change as soon as possible. This feature is coming to mobile starting with Chrome version 86, along with other parts of Safety Check. Those will inform users if they are using Safe Browing or if their Chrome app needs to be updated to get the latest security fixes.

For iOS users, the next Chrome update will bring an even stronger version of the Touch-to-fill password autofill Google added to Android recently. Instead of simply confirming the autofill, iPhone owners will have to verify the action with Face ID or Touch ID, adding another layer of protection.

Chrome 86 for mobile will also bring Enhanced Safe Browsing, a stronger form of Safe Browsing. This practically warns users of unsafe sites even before they land on the page. Users might find these additional warnings disruptive but, when it comes to privacy and security online, you can never be too careful these days.