Chrome iOS Update Cuts Crashes By 70%

It's not often that a company will come forth and let you know that their product has a tendency to fail on a regular basis. When they do, it's usually followed by an announcement about how they've fixed the problem. And that's pretty much exactly how things went down today, when Google announced a new version of Chrome for iOS.

According to Google product manager Abdel Karim Mardini, the biggest criticizm the team received about the iOS version of Chrome is "this app crashes a lot." I'm sure it's not fun hear that the app that your team works on crashes a lot, but at least they're rolling out a fix today. If you check your updates, you should find Chrome 48 waiting for you.

Mardini said that the fixes that the team has been working on should cut the number of crashes by 70%. What's more, he claims that version 48 is "the single biggest change we've done to the product since we launched it."

Earlier today we reported on a pretty nasty bug in Safari that causes it to crash every time you click on the address bar. While there is a workaround in place, it might not be a bad time to add Chrome to your list of apps.