Chrome For iOS Updated, Adds Extensions

As iOS 8 finds its way to more devices, Developers will start to update their apps. Though Safari is the default browser for Appel products, many insist on downloading Chrome to take its place. Those fancy extensions Apple bragged up for iOS 8 and Safari are now available on Chrome, via an update.

Extensions are your way to share articles or pages to others, via social media or the like. Before iOS 8, you were limited to what options Apple left you with. For those who wanted to slip an article into their Pocket account, or share via a social site that wasn't Facebook or Twitter, the workarounds you had to subject yourself to were annoying.

iOS 8 solves that, allowing for browsers to support various sharing entities. Safari came pre-loaded with it, and google has been quick to update their browser with it as well. You can now choose which services you'd like to share to, and even assign the order you want them to appear in the list view.

If nothing more, this takes care of the major two browsers for iOS working similarly well. Freedom in sharing is something long overdue for iOS, and Google's Chrome is no stranger to it elsewhere.