Chrome for Android's Pichai promises major improvements ahead

In an interview with CNET, Google's Senior VP and head of Chrome, Sundar Pichai, made some exciting promises on the future of Chrome for Android. The beta browser optimized for the mobile Android platform was released just two weeks ago and is available only for Android 4.0, but has already reached 500,000 downloads.

The general response to Chrome for Android has been positive although there's still much room for improvement. Google is good at taking feedback and quickly tossing out updates and this will certainly be the case according to Pichai. He is confident that the browser will improve by "leaps and bounds" over the next year.

Although Pichai didn't give too many specifics, he did mention that the browser will be getting the option to view desktop versions of webpages along with full-screen browsing and an automatically hiding Omnibar. Flash, however, will not be supported, an issue that's been attributed to Adobe's unwillingness to update Flash support for Chrome on Android.

[via Android Community]