Chrome for a Cause Donates to Charities for Each Opened Tab

Google's probably not done with vast projects, even if one of their larger ones has been a bit delayed. This new idea from Google wants you to surf the Internet. A lot. And, if you want to participate in the new charity program called "Chrome for a Cause," you'll be able to make a big difference in the world just by browsing to your favorite websites (like SlashGear), all the while opening new tabs to do it.

The new movement is something that people who want to get involved with, have to opt-in. You can do that right here. It works by users downloading a specific extension to Google Chrome. After the user downloads the extension, it will be able to track your tab opening activity. At the end of each day, the extension will tally up how many tabs you've opened, and allow you to choose which charity you want to donate to.

Here's how it breaks down:

10 Tabs opened means 1 tree planted, or one book published and donated

25 Tabs opened will equal one vaccination treatment

100 Tabs will mean you help build 1 square foot of shelter

200 Tabs will help give one person clean water for a year

The charities involved include The Nature Conservancy, Doctors Without Borders, Room to Read, and Un Techo para mi Pais. The whole deal is set to kick off on December 15th, and run all the way to December 19th. In total, Google is ready to donate up to one million dollars on behalf of the users who participate in the program. Head through the source link to find more details, and sign up.

[via Google; thanks, Warrio!]