Christmas turkey roasted with flying flamethrower

Not too long ago there was some drama centering on a teen who built a flying drone aircraft that had a gun that could be fired from the air. That drone ended up the subject of a federal probe and I can't imagine that this flying flamethrower drone would be any different. YouTube user Hogwit has video of the flying flamethrower drone and is using it to roast a holiday turkey.

The drone appears to be able to shoot flames a good 20-25 yards while hovering in place. A flame-throwing drone is scarier than a gun-toting drone if you ask me. It's unclear if HobbyKing worked this flying and roasting drone up all by itself or if the Hogwit person built the drone and simply tagged it with logo.

Whoever built it; all the parts used to make the drone are listed on the video page. The build required eight electric motors, eight propellers, eight EDC units, an on/off switch for the pump that squirts the flaming liquid, and a 5V BEC.

Also required were bars to make the frame, a relay switch, and a pump. A number of parts were 3D printed and lots of miscellaneous soldering and items were needed to finish up. I'd have to think this drone is illegal so I'd be wary of making my own.