ChiliPad - Hot and cool nights

My room has two temperatures: stifling hot and freezing cold. I have a little A/C and a few fans, and lots of blankets to try to even things out but it never quite works, so I'm always open to new suggestions. The ChiliPad sounds excellent to me.

Designed by T2 International, it uses water to generate temperature changes. It's something similar to the semi-conductor technology that cools computers. The ChiliPad can heat your bed up to 105 degrees or cool it down to 65 degrees via a nearly silent system. It's remote controlled and sure to give you a great nights sleep.

While the ChiliPad will cost you about $479-$999 (depending on mattress size) it may be a great help in reducing your heating bill. Instead of turning the heat up or the air on at night, you could adjust your bed to keep you cool.

ChiliPad [via OhGizmo!]