Childrens puzzle table looks kinda cool and is functional

Remember those little cheap 3x3 square slider puzzles you used to get when you were a kid? The ones where it was all scrambled up and you had to move them around to form the image, and they would always jam up and break, yeah those, but in a table.

There are actually nine storage compartments underneath each of the panels. The easy sliding mechanism should keep it from jamming up like the cheap generic plastic ones from your childhood. The designer is Robin Dashnaw, and since its just in its prototype stages, no price or availability.

There are 9 storage spaces, and 8 blocks, so one of them is always uncovered, and the rest of it is basically a table. There isn't an image to reassemble on the top, but you could paint one on of you wanted. It was designed with kids in mind, but personally I think it would be great for table-top gaming, just uncover an empty compartment at the end of the game and shove all the components into it and clean up is done.

Puzzle Block Table [via yanko design]