Chicken Foot USB drive – (insert fowl pun here)

Chris Scott Barr - Oct 30, 2007, 2:25 pm CDT

There are thousands of USB flash drives on the market, and it would be insane to try to cover each and every one of them. Usually, they are just a standard flash drive with a fancy (or funny) outer casing. This one is exactly that. No fancy features whatsoever, but damn it is funny-looking.

I’ve never lived on a farm, though I did have a pet chicken once. No joke, it just wandered up one day and shacked up with our barn cats. I swear it thought it actually was a cat. Anywho, this Chicken Foot Flash Drive does look quite similar to the foot of my chicken Spot. Though I think the color might be off a bit.

The company that created this flash drive is called Whazatt, which seems to be most appropriate. The flash drive is a bit overpriced at $44.95, but is still funny nonetheless.

Need more storage? Try a chicken foot [via crave]

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