Chevy to place environmental impact labels on all vehicles starting with 2013 line

Chevy's making a big push in the green segment for cars and the impact those cars have on the environment. The environmental impact includes the technologies and materials used to make the vehicles as well as the emissions that the vehicles produce. To help the average consumer be aware of the green push that Chevy is investing in, it will start placing new stickers touting green on vehicles with the 2013 range.

Chevy is boasting that it is the first automotive manufacturer to place these labels on vehicles in an attempt to allow the buyer to see how green the vehicles are in manufacturing, driving, and recyclability. Chevrolet is calling the stickers Ecologic and all the claims made by the stickers will be verified by an independent third-party agency called Two Tomorrows. That company is an agency that provides auditing and assurance services to companies that are pushing environmental processes and initiatives.

The new stickers will be split into three sections with one section called Before the Road, one section called On the Road, and one section titled After the Road. The first section will talk about the vehicles manufacturing and assembly processes. The second section will talk about fuel saving features such as engine technology and aerodynamics. The third section will talk about how the vehicle can be recycled after it's no longer usable on the road.

[via Forbes]