Chevy to increase Volt production by 50% in 2012

Chevrolet announced the MSRP for the Volt extended range electric vehicle recently. The Volt will sell for $41,000 making it very expensive for a compact car. The Volt will be eligible for $7500 in tax credits though.

That MSRP is costly, but the lease on the Volt is actually not bad at all. The Volt will be limited production for its first model year, but GM is set to increase production by 50% in 2012. The MSRP could be reduced as more of the vehicles are built and more are sold.

The 50% increase in build volume for the Volt will mean 45,000 units per year by 2012. The Volt is an interesting vehicle that can travel 40 miles on battery power alone and has a generator to make electricity for longer trips.