Chevy Test Track goes live at Disney World

Chevrolet has been working on a new ride with Disney World called the Chevrolet Test Track. Chevrolet and Disney have been working together on designing the ride for the last 18 months with the goal of creating experience that is personal, future focused, and optimistic. The Chevrolet Test Track is located in Epcot Center the Disney World resort in Florida.

The ride promises to give visitors what Chevrolet calls an "authentic, inside the studio look at the actual automotive design process." The ride also promises to allow visitors to create their own designs. Visitors get a a look at the advanced computer technology the Chevrolet designers use each day.

Chevrolet says that part of the experience of the ride is to allow the guest to design their own vehicle and those vehicle designs are evaluated along the way. The ride is a three-part experience with the guest first getting the opportunity to design their own vehicle, which can be a car, truck, or crossover.

After the design portion, visitors will have the chance to test drive the vehicle design through the ride on track surfaces and simulate actual vehicle validation processes the Chevrolet engineers use. At the end, the guests will have an opportunity race the vehicle over changing terrain and conditions on a digital driving table. The Chevrolet Test Track opened on December 6.