Chevy drops Camaro 1LE package for V6 and turbo-four for 2022 models

One of the biggest challenges to buying muscle cars like the Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Camaro today is that prices continually creep up. While the car started out as affordable models for the masses, they are reaching a price point where many who would like to own one simply can't afford them. Thankfully, Chevrolet has offered some impressive performance packages on Camaro models that aren't fitted with its big V-8 engine.

Sadly, Chevrolet is no longer offering the 1LE performance package on its V6 or turbo-four-cylinder Camaro offerings. The 1LE performance package is still available on the SS V8-powered Camaro and the top dog Camaro ZL1 with its supercharged V-8. Choosing the 1LE package on the turbo or V6 Camaro required a six-speed manual transmission.

All 1LE package Camaro cars featured a matte black hood and special wheel designs. The turbo and V6 cars also included the FE3 suspension from the Camaro SS, asymmetrical Goodyear Eagle F1 summer-only tires, mechanical limited-slip differential, Camaro SS fuel system, four-piston Brembo brakes, and driver mode selector. There were also a handful of available options, including Recaro seats and a performance data recorder.

Presumably, Chevrolet has discontinued the 1LE package because there weren't enough people ordering it. There were lots of other performance cars in the price range that were more livable on a daily basis.

Word of the 1LE package's demise comes from recently published dealer fleet order guides for the 2022 Camaro. When the 2022 Camaro build website goes live, its demise is expected to be confirmed. Anyone hoping for significant changes for the 2022 year model Camaro is likely to be disappointed. The vehicles will carry over mostly unchanged.