Cherry Picks 2008: zBoost zPersonal (YX300) and zBoost Car Unit (YX230)

Christina Crouch - Jan 6, 2008

The zBoost zPersonal, from Wi-Ex Inc., will repeat and amplify a cell phone signal outside a building to your cell phone inside to help give you that boost you may need to make your important calls. The good part is that it does so without breaking away from the cell carriers network.

zBoost zPersonal supports voice calls, data service and will work with any phone or carrier except for Nextel. The package will give you everything you may need to improve your signal including a small window mount unit and indoor antenna. It’s available right now for around $169

Also available from Wi-Ex was the zBoost Car Unit (YX230). It’s a dual band, bi-directional unit and it works with both 1900Mhz and 800MHz phones with no physical connection. It captures the signal outside and amplifies it inside and it supports voice calls and data services. Like the zBoost zPersonal, it wont work with Nextel but it does work with all others giving your signal a boost up to 10 times the range.

When it is released, some time in the next few months, it will go for around $239. It comes with the bi-directional amplifier unit which is sturdy and lightweight and connects through the CLA.

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