Cherry Picks 2008: JVC HD Everio Camcorder

James Allan Brady - Jan 6, 2008

This amazing HD camera has 3 CCDs and can record at a max resolution of 1440×1080. You don’t have to try and store that video on a flash card either, which might get you an hour of record time at that resolution, instead, there is a 60GB HDD built in.

That means you can store up to 7 hours of video before you even have to dump it. There are also 2 other recording modes, one of which is a constant bit rate mode that will work with HDV editing apps.

The lens is from Konica Minolta, so you know that’s good, and there is a fairly large flip out LCD. You can get it now, at Best Buy or Circuit City, and it will only cost you $1300.

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