Chernobyl exclusion zone slated for solar power plant construction in 2017

Part of the Chernobyl exclusion zone will soon be home to a Chinese solar power plant. The region in which the solar plant will be constructed has not been revealed, however, one source claims it has already been inspected for suitability. If all goes as planned, GCL System Integration Technology will work with China National Complete Engineering Corp to start the plant's construction in 2017.

GCL-SI recently detailed its plans in a press release, stating the solar power plant will bring both social and economic benefits while taking a region that once suffered terrible damage and transforming it into a source of renewable energy. The planned construction will produce a 1-gigawatt solar plant.

While the Chinese company has not revealed the planned location for the plant within the exclusion zone, a source speaking to Reuters claims 'several rounds of inspections' have already been conducted at the planned site. Radiation in the region 'is under control.'

This project has been made possible via a law passed by the Ukrainian government permitting this area to be used for things like agriculture. The notion of turning the damaged region into a site that produces clean electricity is a romantic one, and also helps ensure these kind of large solar plants don't take up land that could be used for farming.

SOURCE: Reuters