Check out the chill Xbox Series X boot up sound

For the past couple of weeks, much of the attention regarding next-generation consoles has been on Sony because its big PlayStation 5 reveal. Today, Microsoft is pulling the spotlight back on the Xbox Series X ever so slightly by revealing the console's start-up sound. In truth, you may not hear this sound all that often since most of the time you'll only be putting your machine into sleep mode, but it's still worth a listen if you're planning to buy an Xbox Series X.

We're not going to pretend that the boot-up sound and animation is anything Earth-shattering, but as they say, first impressions are everything. The first impression the Xbox Series X makes when you press the power button seems to be a chill one, or as Microsoft said in a separate tweet, "It's like a choir of gaming angels singing in your ears."

Maybe we wouldn't go quite that far in describing it, but it is good. Sony seemingly revealed the PlayStation 5 start-up animation and boot sound during the event it held last week, so it now appears that we've seen the boot up sound for both consoles.

While much of the attention has indeed been on Sony in recent weeks, it won't be long before its back on Microsoft and the Xbox Series X. After confirming a number of third-party games that will be on Xbox Series X, we'll soon see what Microsoft's first-party studios are working on. That will happen during an Xbox 20/20 event in July, and Halo Infinite is already confirmed to be in that show.

We don't have a date for that event yet, but we'll let you know when Microsoft announces one. With both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 slated for holiday 2020 releases, we're approaching the home stretch for these consoles, so it'll definitely be interesting to see how Sony and Microsoft ramp up their marketing from here. Stay tuned.