Chase the Clocky to Wake Up

A new alarm clock sure to wake you up with its annoying antics, is called the Clocky from Nanda. It takes the same approach as the flying alarm clock by providing you a nice morning chase that will be sure to wake you up if not cause its own early demise from being whacked with a bat. But this one is perhaps safer to use given it is not airborne and therefore has no chance of falling on your face should batteries run low.

The Clocky has a shiny plastic body with two large rubberized wheels. If you dare to press snooze, it will roll off your nightstand and run around the room, all the while blaring its alarm until you jump out of bed to chase it down. Priced at $50 and comes in several different colors.

Clocky: World's Most Annoying Alarm Clock Is Now Available [Via: UberReview]