Chase bank says 76 million affected in data breach

Data breaches seem to be a daily occurrence of late, with companies left and right reporting they've been hacked. The latest puts the info grab a little too close to home, though, as JP Morgan Chase reveal they've been compromised. The scope of the breach makes it the largest we've ever seen.

According to the banking giant, about 76 million households were compromised. Seven million small businesses were also affected, according to the nation's largest bank.

Via a regulatory filing today, Chase says names, phone numbers, email addresses and physical addresses were snatched.

The filing also revealed that internal bank info relating to those users was also compromised. Chase didn't shed light on what that info may have been, but it likely refers to in-house notes on accounts.

The good news? Chase says they have no evidence account numbers, passwords, user IDs, social security numbers or date of birth info was compromised.

This breach tops Home Depot's 56 million affected customers, and nearly doubles-up on Target's 40 million or so. It's not clear what steps Chase will take to protect customers moving forward, but expect another offer of identity theft protection to come shortly.

Source: Bloomberg