Charlie Daniels does not approve of Guitar Hero's portrayal of his music

When I first heard The Devil Went Down to Georgia for Guitar Hero III, I was quite surprised. The song sounded almost nothing like the original Charlie Danials version which I'd grown up hearing. (Living in the Midwest you hear this song at every single high school dance, no joke) The new version grew on me, and I began to enjoy it, however, one person that's never going to like it is Charlie Daniels.

Apparently he's only just been exposed to the song on Guitar Hero III, and he's disgusted to say the least. According to a recent blog post by Daniels "The song ... is supposed to be a lighthearted novelty about a fiddling contest between a country boy and the devil and the devil always loses.That is not the case with the Guitar Hero version which comes complete with a horned, guitar-playing devil who battles the player and very often wins."

How is it that the man who wrote the song is only just now hearing it played on Guitar Hero III? Well, as things go in the music biz, he lost the rights to the song many years ago. It's always sad to see someone's music taken and essentially destroyed (at least in the musician's eyes). Still, it's one of my favorite tracks, even if it's tough as hell to beat.

[via Game|Life]