Chargerito is a mobile charger that fits in your key chain

In order to relieve ourselves of the burdens of mobile batteries, we burden our bags or even pockets with the bulk and heft of chargers and external batteries. Enter Chargerito, a charger that goes the other way and aims to be the world's smallest wall charger.

Let's get one thing straight. Chargerito is a wall charger, not an external battery charger, which is well and good considering that external batteries of that size can only offer so much in terms of an energy boost. Despite its form, which is only 2.1 x 1.3 inches or as big as a car key fob, Chargerito is a full fledged wall charger that can charge any device, without tangling you in wires or taking up too much space in your already crowded pocket or bag.

But with small sizes come small problems. Because it is a wall charger that connects to your device directly, it means that your smartphone or tablet will have to stand upright or lean on a wall. Not much of a problem for smaller smartphones, but the larger they get, the more frightening it becomes. Even if the pitch video seems to suggest tablets will be fine, the small build of Chargerito plus the inescapable power of gravity might suggest otherwise. And outlets embedded in non-straight non-vertical surfaces might be out of the question as well.

The bigger small problem is that Chargerito currently exists only as a self-hosted crowdfunding campaign. Not on Kickstarter and not on Indie Go Go. That practically means you should be willing to trust its developers with your $19 to pre-order one. If their stats are to be trusted, 2,617 people made that leap of faith, bringing the campaign a total pledge of $81,861 when their goal was only $50,000. Backers will be able to choose between a model that has a micro USB plug for Android and other devices or one with Lightning for Apple's devices. After the campaign, the developers are aiming to sell Chargerito for a retail price of $39.

Oh, and Chargerito also doubles as a bottle opener as well.

SOURCE: Chargerito

VIA: Gearfuse