ChargePoint Home makes charging your EV a bit smarter

Electric cars, whether pure or hybrid, are on the rise. And with that comes the need to have those charged in the most efficient manner. While EVs come with their own charging solutions, whether in stations or at home, ChargePoint believes there is room for improvement. Which is why it has developed the ChargePoint Home. The company calls it the most advanced home EV charger, and it seem to fit the bill. It has enough brains to connect with your smartphone as well as your smart home.

Charging an electric vehicle isn't as straightforward as plugging in your smartphone, for example. There are a lot of considerations to be made, like how much mileage you'll get per charging time or the bills you'll have to pay for using that much power. Charging EVs is also something you can't afford to forget, unlike forgetting to charge your mobile devices.

ChargePoint Home takes care of all those concerns. Compatible with all EVs in the market, the charger minds all the nitty gritty of charging and lets you conveniently access the needed data from a distance when you need it. For example, it will inform you how long you'll be able to drive the car based on its charge time. The ChargePoint Home promises up to 25 miles of range per hour for the 32 amp model and 12 miles of RPH for the 16 amp station.

Users can set schedules for charging, ensuring that ChargePoint Home only runs during off-peak hours to save on money. And based on those schedules, it can also warn you if you haven't plugged it in, in case you've forgotten. ChargePoint Home can also work together with the Nest Smart Thermostat for tracking usage and saving costs.

The ChargePoint Home will be available from Amazon sometime this summer. Prices will range from $499 to $749.

SOURCE ChargePoint