Chappelle's new shows require phones to be locked in Yondr sleeves

If you're planning on attending one of Dave Chappelle's shows in Chicago in coming days, you'll have to lock your phone up inside a pouch from Yondr. Not familiar with Yondr? Most people aren't until they encounter a "no phone zone," Yondr's speciality. The company provides venues with soft cases in which attendees must place their phone. It is then locked, and won't be unlocked until the show is over or they leave.

Yondr's tagline is "be here now," but for some artists, the idea extends to cover intellectual property rights more so than notions of artistic appreciation. With a phone in every corner and a camera on nearly every phone, it doesn't take long for photos and videos of live events to end up online. With services like Periscope, the shows — concerts, comedy routines, etc — can be streamed live for (non-paying) viewers to enjoy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chappelle has struck a partnership with Yondr to prevent the shows from being recorded and uploaded to the Internet. Yondr's pouches are present at Chappelle's Chicago shows this week (a total of 13); those who attend are given a pouch, which comes in three sizes, in which they must place their phone.

The pouches use some form of geofencing technology that causes them to lock when the attendee enters the no-phone zone. If use of the phone is needed, the attendee has to leave the area to get the pouch to unlock. Reportedly, those who bypass the locking process are escorted out if caught using a phone during the show.

Attendee reactions to the pouches are mixed; some have expressed frustration at being barred from using their phone during waiting periods and being unable to receive emergency messages. Many, though, have responded in a positive manner, enjoying the lack of phones interrupting the experience.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter