Champ couch for campeggi can take a beating

Shane McGlaun - May 3, 2010
Champ couch for campeggi can take a beating

Growing up I had my share of fights and wrestling matches with my brother and friends while on the couch. Usually one of us would end up poked in the eye with one of the pillows on the couch and my mom would yell at us saying that the couch wasn’t made for fighting on.

The Champ couch for campeggi furniture is made specifically for fighting though. It looks like a rather modern couch when the articulating arm on the rear is in the down position acting as the back rest. When you get the need to put a beat down on someone you can stand the arm upright.

The padded round back becomes a punching bag that you can kung fu out on. The small little couch seems like it would tip over easy if you kicked the thing Rampage style. There is no word on pricing or availability on the couch at this time and it looks more like a concept to me.

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