CEVA DSP Core powers next-gen Samsung LTE modem

I for one am looking forward to LTE hitting the US later this year in limited areas. It will be 2011 before we see wide rollouts of the service according to most carriers. Other than the service being available, we also need new devices that can take advantage of the speed like phones and modems. CEVA has announced at MWC 2010 that Samsung has chosen the CEVA DSP Core to power its first LTE modem.

The CEVA DSP Core allows the modem to reach speeds of up to 100Mbps download and 50Mbps on upload on a 20MHz frequency. Samsung has introduced the modem already in Stockholm, Sweden and Oslo, Norway according to CEVA.

Samsung isn't the only device maker that will take advantage of CEVA tech to enable LTE's super fast data speeds to come to consumers. CEVA hardware is finding its way into gear from Infineon, Broadcom, Samsung, VIA Telecom and more.