CES 2009: VTech LS6245 trying to bring back landlines

We know that people are widely giving up their landlines for mobile phones these days, but we happened upon a cordless phone that was just too beautiful to pass up. The VTech LS6245 is the first cordless phone for 2009 that features the DECT 6.0 technology complete with Bluetooth capabilities.

Something about having touch-sensitive buttons on a cordless phone just seems so right to me. All of VTech's cordless phone systems cost less than $100. Using two Bluetooth connectivity to connect multiple handsets enables the LS6245 to perform like a two-line communication tool. With DECT technology you can expect the LS6245 to provide high-functionality with superior sound quality and range from anywhere in your home.

This cordless phone looks amazing with the touch-sensitive buttons accompanied by a large reverse LCD and white backlighting.  As part of VTech's commitment to using renewable energy and aiming toward having zero waste, VTech's DECT products are Energy Star(R)-certified.