CES 2008: SkullCandy iPhone FMJ headphones

James Allan Brady - Jan 10, 2008

They are marketing them for the iPhone, but they work with several other phones too and even have a cool feature they showed me at the booth, but the feature only works on the BlackBerry Curve, so they said. But they look like a normal pair of high-end SkullCandy earbuds, the only difference is that they have a microphone and a call/end switch.

They come with a few different ear inserts and a case and they have their usual noise-isolating technology built in. I am pretty sure they said that the call/end button also acts as a play/pause button too.

Anyways, the cool feature for the BlackBerry Curve that they showed me is that if you hold down the call/end button for a few seconds you can voice dial. If you want a pair, they aren’t high end by any means, but they are better than the stock earbuds by a lot and at $89.95 they are well worth it.

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