CES 2008: NoahPad UMPC is freakin awesome!

James Allan Brady - Jan 10, 2008

The NoahPad UMPC was something I reported on before I even got to CES, but they company that makes it had it here and they gave a little demo. The keyboard is at best weird, it acts as both the keyboard and the mouse and switches between the two via a toggle switch.

You can in fact hang it from a hanger, it will stand on its own as a picture frame, and you can even bend the screen back and down and lay it on the dash to use for navigation. Also, as the previous article stated, you can type on it even with the screen folded all the way back around because there is a keyboard overlay that pops up to show you which key you are touching.

They have the units made, at least two of them, and they have plans for several new attachments and software updates. I have no clue on price or availability as the representatives only barely spoke English, but as soon as I hear something, I’ll let you know.

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