CES 2008: E-Lead Noahpad UMPC

So, E-Lead will apparently be showing off a new UMPC that looks (not-so-) surprisingly like the Eee PC that everyone has fallen in love with. The main differences are the lack of flash memory, a different distro of Linux, and some sort of weird input interface.

The specs are a 1GHz VIA C7 Eden processor, a 30 gig hard drive, and half a gig of RAM. Then there is the weird hinge that appears to have nearly 360 degrees of movement, oh, and the split keyboard touch interface looking thing that you apparently type with. The Noahpad actually runs the latest version of Ubuntu instead of some custom distro.

Apparently some recommended uses for this thing are a digital photo frame, GPS navigation, video conferencing, and hanging it from a hanger to watch a video while you fry and egg. Not much else is known other than that it will be unveiled at CES.

E-Lead's New "Noahpad" UMPC: As if the Market Wasn't Crowded Enough [via gizmodo]