CES 2008: Ality Wireless PIXXA digital photo frame

Christina Crouch - Jan 10, 2008

Even though I don’t understand the need or want of a digital photo frame they seem to be prevalent on the market today and Ality released another one this week. It has an 8” LCD screen, Wi-Fi, a user friendly interface and a rechargeable battery.

The selling point of this digital photo frame would be that it can store multiple accounts at a time. That’s supposed to appeal to people with a big household so that everyone can have their own multi-media libraries customized with their own settings.

pixxa digital photo frame

It’s set to debut sometime during the first half of the year and will cost around $300. Even with all the multi-media functions you get with it, I still think that’s a bit much. In the end… it’s still just a picture frame.

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