Cervellum Bike Digital Rearview Mirror

There aren't many things a bike needs. Handle bars and wheels of course, maybe some beads or cards for the spokes if you want to bring back your childhood, possibly even a water bottle holder for those long rids. I camera/rearview mirror to show you what's behind you, though, I don't think is necessary.

The people at Cervellum, however, seem to think it's exactly what a bike needs. The Cervellum Bike Digital Rearview Mirror has a 4 hour battery life and will let you see what's going on behind you while you enjoy your ride. I guess maybe it might be good to see if there's a car coming up, but I think you could hear a car just as well.

This device will cost you $200 when it's finally release. Cervellum is working on a GPS and heart-rate monitor too and those actually seem like good ideas. I think they'd be much more useful on a bike.

Cervellum Bike Digital Rearview Mirror [via BeSportier]