CEO of Texas Armoring Corporation lets worker shoot at him with an AK-47

I have seen shows on TV before about armored cars and I have seen the car in movies before and wondered if they really are bulletproof. You know the cars I mean, the sort that look normal but have special glass to prevent bullet from going through and have armor plating inside as well. A dude named Trent Kimball is the CEO of Texas Armoring Corp and he got tired of people asking him if the glass he makes would really stop a bullet.

Kimball decided to literally stand behind his product. The dude pulled up a bench and sat behind the glass his company makes. He then had an AK-47 wielding worker pick up the rifle and shoot the glass he was sitting behind. The dude hit the glass three times and it worked. That is a very good thing for Kimball.

Apparently, the black stuff you see cracking off along the edge is some sort of filler that hides how thick the glass is from the outside so the car looks stock with the glass installed. You have to see this on video to get the full impact. I bet Kimball had a severely high sphincter tone while this whole thing was going on. On a side note, I'd be willing to chip in for some bulletproof glass if we could shoot at Vince and Davies. You have to hit the source link below to see the awesome video.

[via Jalopnik]