Centrino 2 Platform Graphics Bump - Intel Graphics Still Suck, But The Future Looks Promising

Integrated graphics are a nice way to keep prices low, and Intel has been making some strides in that area with they new X3100 chips putting up some fairly impressive numbers. Those numbers will only get better when Intel's X4500 graphics chips launch with the new Centrino 2 platform.

Depending on the mainboard chipsets in use, the X4500 chips will be able to top out at 640MHz, that's a clock speed worthy of the nVidia or ATI name for mobile graphics. These new graphics chipsets will also offer up DX10 support, support for the latest OpenGL visual effects, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, and DisplayPort.

The platform as a whole will add a 1066MHz FSB speed, WiMax, DDR3 support and a new set of processors. No word when we'll actually see this technology in notebooks, but its expected that Intel will announce the platform on or around June 3rd, so probably shortly after that.

[via electronista]