CEDIA 2007 – Sony BRAVIA VPL-VW60 and VPL-VW200 projectors

Chris Scott Barr - Sep 6, 2007

Vincent stopped by the Sony booth where they were showing off plenty of new stuff. First up are a couple of home theater projectors for those that don’t like to be limited by the size of a TV screen.

Both the BRAVIA VPL-VW200 and VPL-VW60 projectors display full high-definition 1080p pictures using progressive Silicon X-tal Reflective Display technology. They utilize wire grid polarizers and high contrast plates to double the previous native contrast ratio to 35,000:1. If you like customizing your equipment you’ll be happy to know that they accept an external anamorphic lens for displaying movies in the naitive aspect ratio of 2.35:1. Noise is kept to a minimum on the units with fan noise peaking at only 22dB.


While these two projectors do share some similarities between them, they are definitely two different beasts. The VPL-VW200 is aimed at the high-end market with its high frame rate SXRD panels capable of displaying pictures at 120fps and three motion compensation modes that allow the user to adapt performance based on the content being displayed. You also get a Carl Zeiss Vario-Tesar lens that support x.v.Color technology via HDMI and a high output pure Xenon lamp with the most accurate red, green and blue color temperatures. If you want to display content from a PC, you only need to run an ethernet cable to the unit.


The VPL-VW60 will be available this month for $5,000 while the high-end VPL-VW200 will be released in October for $15,000.

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