CDC says 39% of people in US have had at least one COVID-19 vaccine shot

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its COVID-19 numbers this weekend, revealing a slow but steady trend upward in cases over the past several days. As well, the agency has published its data on the US vaccination rate as of late Saturday, April 17, revealing that more than 205,000,000 vaccine doses have been administered.

Based on the CDC's vaccine tracker, most of the vaccines administered in the US thus far have been Pfizer's COVID-19 product followed somewhat closely by Moderna's. Johnson & Johnson's single-shot product quickly picked up speed in the weeks since its release, though it has seen a bit of a roadblock over 'extremely rare' blood clot concerns.

As of April 17, more than 82 million people in the United States have been fully vaccinated against the novel coronavirus, meaning they've received either the single-shot vaccine or have received both doses of either of the two-dose vaccines. In addition, more than 129 million people in the US have had their first vaccine dose, meaning it won't be long before half the US has some level of protection against the virus.

Nearly all of the reported vaccine doses have been administered to people over the age of 18, representing 49.7-percent of that demographic. Based on the latest numbers, more than 80-percent of US adults ages 65 and older have had at least one vaccine dose, and more than 65-percent are fully vaccinated.

At this point in time, the CDC lists 'full protection' as taking place two weeks after your second vaccine dose. The total amount of protection offered by the vaccines varies a bit based on which version you received, but all authorized for use in the US offer a substantial degree of protection against infection and severe versions of COVID-19.