CBS pulling some Showtime content from Netflix

I have only recently become a fan of Netflix streaming and I was glad to see that some of the shows I like from Showtime like Dexter were on the service. I missed several seasons of Dexter and was looking forward to catching up. If you enjoy the currently airing Showtime content on Netflix as well, CBS has some bad news for us.

The network, which owns Showtime, has announced that it will be pulling current Showtime content from Netflix. The Showtime content will be pulled from Netflix when the current content agreement between Netflix and CBS expires this summer. The only shows affected on Netflix are Dexter and Californication, which are still airing, so this won't affect other Showtime programs that are no longer airing like Sleeper Cell and The Tudors.

CBS didn't offer a comment on why it is pulling the shows from Netflix. A Netflix spokesman Steve Swasey said, "We're perplexed by this. We have great Showtime shows available on our service, and we expect to continue with those shows. We have a very good relationship with CBS and all its channels." The announcement that CBS would pull the shows came only days after Netflix announced that it would be airing a first-run show called House of Cards created by David Fincher.

[via WSJ]