CBS may soon get its first comedy series set during the pandemic

In addition to the pandemic's impact on movie and television production, many have speculated over how upcoming seasons and new shows will handle the topic — will they go on like normal or will they incorporate the pandemic into their storylines? We're still not sure, but a new report claims that CBS will soon release its first show that will be relevant to these times.

The new show will be called Remote, according to Deadline, which reports that the series is destined for the CBS All Access streaming service. As its name indicates, the show will be an office comedy that revolves around people who work remotely, one from The Office former executive producers Paul Lieberstein and Ben Silverman.

The show was conceived of only weeks after COVID-related lockdowns back in March, making it one of the first projects influenced by the pandemic. Remote working is obviously a key aspect of social distancing efforts and many people have found themselves having to readjust to a new at-home workflow.

In this case, the show will revolve around the team boss who makes his remote-working employees video chat and 'virtually interact' throughout the entire workday as a means to ensure their productivity. In essence, Remote is a new office comedy series that replaces the 'office' with remote working.

Assuming the show does land at CBS All Access as the report claims, it would be available to stream for subscribers. The platform is priced at $5.99/month and it provides access to the complete catalog of CBS content, as well as sports and live television programming.