CAVIUS - An alarm for the paranoid traveler

If you travel a lot, you may be paranoid about people breaking into your room while you're asleep, or even awake for that matter. I generally just use the old chain lock or whatever they've got on the door and I'm content. However, some might wish to rely on a different method to keep intruders out.

This VAVIUS Travel Security Alarm & Smoke Detector has a really long and self-explanatory name. For those that need it spelled out for you, it is both an alarm and a smoke detector. There are three ways to set off the alarm: push the red button, smoke around it or knock it over. The last part is rather useful, as you can set this in front of your door. Trust me when I say that no one's going to bother coming through the door once this thing goes off.

I'm not sure that I'd ever carry one of these around myself, but it wouldn't be bad for some of my relatives that are paranoid about staying in hotels. You can pick one up for around $70.

CAVIUS Travel Security Alarm & Smoke Detector [via ohgizmo]