Castlevania on 3DS may appear at E3

Don't you just love this time of year? The final weeks leading up to E3 are full of speculation, leaks, and just general frenzied discussion about what the video games industry is set to be like for the next 12 months. The latest tidbit to make its way to the forefront is that a Castlevania game is in the works for Nintendo's portable 3DS system.

That leak comes courtesy of a Dutch website called n1ntendo. The site claims to have received information directly from an internal Konami schedule for what the company plans to unveil at E3. Konami is the long-time publisher of the Castlevania series. The producer and director of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow are reported to be involved with this installment.

Although the Castlevania franchise is now 25 years old and has lived on every major platform since the NES, it still remains largely a niche franchise, something that has allowed it to keep its unique storylines and aesthetic appeal through to this day. The 3DS desperately needs strong third-party support, and it needs that support to include ambitious games that push the 3DS to its limits. A Castlevania game could do that.

[via Joystiq]