Casio offers EX-Z280 and EX-Z33 digital cameras

DSLR cameras are cool and the geeky among us want something with tons of features no matter if it costs us a week's pay. However, there are those out there that want a cheap camera that is easy to use and will fit in a pocket to carry around on the go.

For the customer looking for an entry-level camera, Casio has unveiled a couple new cams that are low cost and still record HD video. The new cameras include the EX-Z280 and the EX-Z33. The 280 is a point-and-shoot with a resolution of 12.1MP. The cam uses Casio's Exilic Engine 4 processor and can record 720p HD video. The lens of the camera is 26-104mm equivalent and has 4x zoom.

The Z33 camera records video at a resolution of 854 x 480 and has 10MP resolution. The Z33 has an ISO of 1600 max while the Z280 will go up to ISO 3200. The Z280 will sell for $180 and the z33 will go for $120 with both shipping in September.