Casio Exilim EX-S200 Announced, Brings 14MP into Super-Skinny Frame

Evan Selleck - Aug 3, 2010
Casio Exilim EX-S200 Announced, Brings 14MP into Super-Skinny Frame

There are still some big cameras out there, sure, but it looks like the majority of the market is aiming at getting smaller and smaller. At least, when it comes to the personal shooter, anyway. For example, Casio has just unveiled the new Exilim EX-S200, and are promoting the fact that they believe it is the world’s slimmest camera with image stabilization.

And considering the Exilim EX-S200 is only 14.9mm thick at its thickest point, Casio may have a point here. Though, you’ll have to be the judge on whether or not that’s too small. Casio also claims that it’s the same size as a credit card, which we may have to see to believe. At the moment, we’ll just call ourselves skeptics of that claim. But, whether or not you can put it into your pocket and forget it exists doesn’t matter. What matters, is the tech inside.

It’s featuring 14.1-megapixels, and it has a 4x optical zoom. However, Casio points out that thanks to the SR zoom technology in the camera, that’s the equivalent of a 6x optical zoom. Probably more noteworthy, though, is the super intelligent software. The auto-focus gives the camera the ability to literally analyze the scenes in which you are taking a picture. That means, it can register how many faces are in a picture, a person’s position and movement, back-lighting, green trees and blue skies, and the ability to distinguish night scenes. Basically, it knows where you are, what’s going on, and it can adjust the shot accordingly. You may as well not even be there.

It can also tell whether or not it’s on a tripod, too, which is pretty neat in of itself. The camera should be released some time this month, and it will cost £199.99 over the pond. We’re still waiting to hear whether or not this little guy will be making it over to the States, but we have no reason to think it won’t.

[via Pocket-Lint]

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