Caseable lets you create your own laptop sleeve

If you are the sort that likes to customize your notebook with stickers, custom colors and more you might not want t schlep that notebook around in a plain old laptop sleeve. What you artsy, customize everything, notebook users need is one of the laptop sleeves from Caseable that you can customize with different colors, straps, and even your own pics.

The company has a gallery of designs that you can put on the case and you can choose the color of the straps, handles, and zipper too. The coolest customization option is that you can upload your own pics and they will put them onto the laptop sleeve for you.

The sleeves start at about $70 for a 15-inch size that will fit a Mac notebook and others. There are lots and lots of designs for you to choose from and for the price, you can get a case with handles or without. The cases are available in classic design with a rectangular shape or a slim style for less bulk. Inside the sleeves is white fleece lining on the classic style and a rubbed black lining on the slim.