Case-Mate Leather Cases for your iPod Shuffle

Christina Crouch - Jan 23, 2008

I remember a day when just having an iPod was a statement, but now it’s more about your iPod accessories, or at least it seems that way. In any case, Case-Mate has a new line of leather cases for your iPod Shuffle to give it and you that extra bit of flair.


The cases, which come in red, black, blue, pink, orange and white, are made from “the most luxurious pebble stone Italian leather”. It has a little keychain attachment as well so you can hang your Shuffle where ever you please. It will also, of course, give you that extra bit of protection incase you’re into accident prone.


One of these cases will cost you about $16. I have to say, though, if you do decide to buy one and you opt for the white, you’re a fool.

[via ChipChick]

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